I'm moving!!! to another website ;)

I have decided to move to a new website for a few reasons... First, blogger isn't the greatest platform. It's pretty limiting from a layout standpoint. Secondly, the amount of data that google/gmail/blogger/google docs/calendar gave you used to be unlimited. Well it isn't. Turns out each photo I upload onto the blog eats up that small amount that I'm given. Finally, if I end up pursuing something more professional in this arena, I'd like a website already in motion that could transtion with a more polished look.

That being said, here's the link to my new website - which is a work in progress. It will look a little unfinished for a bit as I tweak it and learn the weebly system.

I hope you like it and that I'm able to be more current in sharing of pictures.

Have a great Wednesday and check out my new space!



79-83.365 ~ End of January

Oh my gosh! I can't believe we are in the middle of July and my last post was.... a really long time ago.

Well I had these pictures already in the hopper to share, back last winter so I figured I'd post this.

I'm trying to get caught up and am currently editing April's photos. So that photo a day, project 365 thing didn't work out so great for me, but maybe next year?!

I have a new website that I'm working on and I think it will be much easier for me and you to check it out, so watch for my post soon with the new website link.

Hope everyone's summer is going well!


Confession.... 68-78.365

I'm desperately trying to catch up. There have been quite a few days during this challenge where either someone was sick; or I was tired, busy, or just plumb out of inspiration where I didn't take a photo so I've been trying to stretch the rest of my photos out to fill in the gaps.

For those of you with attention to detail; I'm sure you've noticed some fudging on the photo date. Well, this will happen no more! I am determined to find inspiration every day! (or close to it) That being said, I did miss some days but I'm ready to get back on the horse and embrace this challenge.

Since the stress of Christmas is over (and has been for awhile) I look forward to more time to focus on this love.  There will be one more post to catch up the end of January, and then I will skip to the current day and hopefully be more regular on my shooting and sharing.

I have just uploaded my February photos onto the computer and am hoping to get those out very soon! Thanks for sharing this journey with me!
68, 1.7.14






74* taken on 73


76 taken on 75



Days 40-49, 12/10/13-12/19/13

Day 40 - no photo.... Nothing worth sharing. Boo.

Some of these 'new' days on here were taken the same day. Obviously, as you can see in the outfits. However, sometimes the 'average' of good shots is better than capturing them on the actual day. I'll get back to being more OCD about that once I'm totally caught up. 
43/365 mmm cookies

42/365 (took from day 41, sometimes the rules can be broken a bit....)